What's all this then?


Well, I can bring in anything from Japan for you - new from any Japanese manufacturer, or used from Yahoo Japan Auctions, Upgarage etc.

I specialise in Mazda and Mazdaspeed parts, but can bring in anything at all - car parts, audio gear, model kits - anything :)

My current stock list you'll find here in the What's in the latest Container thread.

Or keep an eye on my Facebook page - that's where i post cool stuf i've found in Japan, or list new parts that are coming in soon, as well as new stuff that's just arrived.

Containers arrive every 2-4 weeks that are full of JDM car parts, and if you're lucky they might be yours!

Want to know how it all works? Read this.

Interested in sourcing something authentically JDM for your Nissan/Toyota/Mitsubishi/Trabant?

Shoot me an email to jdmparts@rupewrecht.com and i'll see what i can do!

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